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Venn Diagrams
This is a collection of 6 Venn diagrams. This is intended as an ice-breaker or warmup exercise: the task is to identify what defines each set. You can delete the translucent color fill if necessary to make B&W copies. You'll probably want to remove (or skip) the answer key, but it is important to review it before you begin so you can give students hints as they get stuck. (Some of these can be very tricky!) All the artwork is either from Pixie's clip art library or openclipart.org. If you want to further develop this into another lesson/activity: Ask students to make their own diagrams, then exchange with their peers and try to solve what each set is. It's OK to have one or two empty spaces in a diagram, but if you have several you might want to rethink your categories or brainstorm new elements to add. It's OK to add text boxes if you can't find the right clip art. For an extra challenge: look at my other files for a set of Edwards' Venn diagrams. I also post some educational resources here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Fun-Things-To-Think-About
Grades: 4, 5, 6     July 19, 2014